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The Stop Release

Trusted Community Partner Dwayne Bryant Launched The STOP Campaign to Re-Establish Mutual Respect Between Police, Citizens

CHICAGO (March 9, 2016)— After a series of conversations with students on Chicago’s South Side about their opinions regarding the police and a recent personal encounter with an Indiana State Trooper, Dwayne Bryant was inspired to write a compelling book entitled The STOP.  The STOP shares seven personal encounters with law enforcement.  With each encounter, he shares the need for Mutual Respect, Personal Responsibility, Accountability and Improved Relations between police and community.  Emanating from the book, Dwayne has begun a National Campaign, The STOP, to help save lives and mend the broken relationships between the police and the community.  

The STOP will feature a series of panel discussions with speakers including police officers, community and faith-based leaders who can work together to develop solutions of respect, understanding and best practices between police and community residents.  Bryant will also include in this campaign “The STOP Challenge,” and “The STOP Workbook” a guide he has written for families, police and community members to facilitate conversations based on his personal interactions with law enforcement to form a unified basis of understanding and relationship with the ultimate goal of everyone getting home safely and living a beautiful life.

Bryant embarked on this mission because he strongly believes “whether it is police against community or community against police, this chaotic relationship will prove detrimental to our communities if we continue in this manner.”  Furthermore, he recognizes “if honest and open dialogue along with concentrated efforts to bridge the gap mutually are not created our society is headed in an irreversible direction.”

Visit to learn more about the campaign, speaker tour and book orders.  Follow Bryant on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @AskBigBrotherDB. 

About “The STOP” Campaign

The STOP is a campaign with the mission of mending the relationship between police and citizens.  This campaign will focus on developing actionable solutions of respect, understanding and best practices between police and citizens through panel discussions and a guide entitled “The STOP.”

About Dwayne Bryant

As the Founder and CEO of Inner Vision International, Dwayne Bryant has reached over 400,000 youth through motivational speaking, writings and his SEL curriculum The Vision®.  Bryant is a recognized change agent who transforms the trajectory of communities starting with the youth.  Credited with decreasing suspension rates by 70 percent among troubled school districts, increasing student test scores by 35 percent and increasing graduation rates by 23 percent, Bryant remains a trusted and reliable resource for school districts, students, parents, and police.

Partnering with Indiana State Police

God is using me in dynamic ways! As many of you all may remember, I experienced a traffic stop with Officer Aron Weller for a speeding violation while heading to a speaking engagement in Battle Creek, Michigan. Well, since then, I teamed up with the Indiana State Police to create an impactful training video to help restore relationships between police and the communities they serve. The “Indiana Police Do It Right” video featuring Officer Weller and myself is just the beginning how our new found partnership.