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Educators in the most effected communities are making ‘The STOP’ a part of their lesson plans. Many are buying copies of the books for the students and using ‘The STOP’ Workbook to continue the discussion. Get both with the ‘The STOP’ Bundle Pack.

Law Enforcement

90% of officers are good people. Many others are not even aware of their own bias. ‘The STOP’ is for law enforcement teams who want to hold themselves to a higher standard by building positive relationships with the communities they serve.

Community Leaders

You know that mutual respect is critical for the relationship between communities and law enforcement. You have an important role of helping both parties achieve understanding. ‘The STOP’ is a tool you can use to ensure that everyone gets home safely.

About The STOP

Sought-after international transformational speaker, author and master storyteller, Dwayne Bryant delivers a timely message in The STOP to improve police and community relations. With the recent increase of U.S. police officers involved in shootings during routine stops, Bryant created this book to educate youth to stop, observe and reflect during an encounter with law enforcement.

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